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Skrill Deposit Online Casinos

SKRILL EINZAHLUNG ONLINE CASINO One important topic for every online casino are the payment methods. In these days there are existing more methods than just the bank transfer or the credit card. Nowadays there are many more possibilites to make a payment. One of them is Skrill. Most of you will also know their old name which was Moneybooker. Skrill is a so calles E- Wallet. You can pay with it on the internet and also send money to your family and friends. A lot of online casinos offer this payment mehtod and it is accept well.

How does Skrill work?

As already mentioned Skrill is a so called E-Wallet. With Srill you can handle your payment transactions easily without giving your bank or credit card details. Thats why this payment method is attractive for many people. After open up a Skrill account you only have to "connect" it with your bank account or credit card. If this has been done you have the possibility to pay on the internet or to send money. For online casinos this is a good opportunity because with Skrill the customers can not only make a payment to the casino the casino also can also pay out the profit to the Skrill account. The big advantage is as already mentioned the anonymity becaue many people feel uncomfortable when revealing confidential informations on the internet so now they can use the E-Wallet.

Are there any fees at Skrill?

Off course a provider like Skrill needs to make money to ensure their customers security and seriousness. Thats why there are some fees that can occur. But first of all it is to mention that open up a new account and having an account there is absolutely free. For a payment to the Skrill account a bank transfer is the best opportunity. In general you don't have to pay a fee for this transaction. If you make a payment with a credit card then you have to pay a fee of 1,9% of the payment amount. The most expensive variation is the payment via paysafecard. The fee costs fully 5,5% of the payment amount. however if you want to make a payment to an online casino it is also for free in general but it looks a little bit different when it comes to a payment from the casino to the skrill account. Some casinos want a fee for this transaction but they are acceptable. And if you want to transfer money from your Skrill account back to your bank account than it will coast you 2,95 Euros for every transfer. All in all it is to say that if you choose the right payment method there will be not much extra fees and therefore Skrill is to recommend for online casino customers.

In which Online Casinos can you pay with Skrill?

Beside competitor Paypal it is one of the most popular provider and also one of the serious variations if a customer wants to pay with his E-Wallet. In well-known online casinos like Mr Green Casino or the 888 Casino the transactions from and to the casinos are for free. In some casinos like the Eurogrand Casino you even get a bonus of 15% if you make a payment with Skrill. It is really worth the time to take a closer look at the payment conditions of the online casinos because in some of the you might have to pay additonal fees.

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