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Roulette rules and strategies

European Roulette Microgaming Logo Roulette is one of the most traditional and most popular table games. This game has always been played in various versions in all kinds of casinos in the world. Over time some strategies have developed in order to most likely make profits. You can tell good players by the way how they play roulette. Before talking about strategies you should get familiar with the rules of roulette.

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Roulette rules

At roulette players try to bet on the number that the ball will land on later in the kettle. Players bet chips on partial amounts of the numerical series of 0-36. Additionally you can bet on red/black or even/odd. The players decide whether they bet directly on the number fields or in between. The more bets you make in between fields, the lower becomes the profit factor. If you bet on a certain number and this number falls in the kettle, the profit factor is 35x. Once all players have placed their chips, the kettle is spun. Only when the kettle has come to a complete stop and the ball has landed on a number, this number is called out. Now it's decided whether the players' predictions were right or wrong. All players whose bets were part of the number field or the number line win. If you bet on a color, the fallen number also wins of course. Now the profit is paid out and the chips are taken off the table. A new round can begin.

Playing roulette

Roulette is still extremely popular and it's part of every online casino. Most of the time they offer different versions and classic versions. Classics are European, American and French roulette. Online casinos often offer exotic versions as well. The structure of the game stays the same though. In the last couple of years live roulette games have grown in popularity, where you can play in real time via a live stream. A real dealer is responsible for the destinies on the table and spins the ball in the kettle just like in real casinos.

The favorite game system

AT the favorite game system calmness is key. First you observe the course of the game and you try to find out, which third of the table landed the most hits. This system follows the so-called two-thirds law, which says that you can reduce the favorites to two thirds of the table in the course of the game. So you follow the most successful players on the table and try to make out the more winning thirds while doing so. Afterwards you bet exactly on the favorites in the chosen thirds of the table. The favorite game system is particularly popular because of its simplicity.

Roulette strategies

In the course of the last centuries more and more strategies evolved. Everybody should be aware though, that roulette is a gambling game and that any convincing strategy won't be able to protect you from an unlucky streak. Nevertheless the chances for profit are surely higher in the long term, if you play with a system. In the following we explain the best known systems. So everybody can get a good impression and maybe try one of the systems.

The doubling strategy or Martingale system

The so-called Martingale system has already been developed and used in the 18th century. It's one of those betting systems that are based on doubling the stakes after a loss. Thereby previous losses are supposed to be compensated. One is always betting on the same simple chance and one doesn't vary much. So you can achieve that the course of the game is transparent and remains clear.

Labouchere system

At the Labouchere system the player opt beforehand for an end point in the form of a desired winning amount. This number is written down in a sequence of numbers, which sum give the fixed, desired winning amount. At the beginning the player bets the sum of the first and last number of the sequence. Should the bet be a success, the player crosses these numbers off the list and bets the sum of the next two numbers. If the bet is lost however, the player adds the bet sum to the right side of the number sequence. The player continues to do so as long as all numbers are crossed off or until he has to leave the table unsuccessfully.

Betting system of Fibonacci

At this betting system the famous Fibonacci sequence of numbers is used. 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, .... This sequence of numbers was found in 1202 by Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci and it was used for the reproduction of rabbits then. For the roulette strategy the stakes follow this sequence exactly. You start with a stake of one Euro and with every loss you bet the next number of the sequence. If you win though, you stick to the same amount. Iron discipline is very important at this betting system. Just like with other betting systems the table limit can cause problems.

The Parlay system

The Parlay system is one of the most understandable ones at roulette, because it doesn't follow any mathematical background. Important are the betting amount and the amount of money, which is supposed to be won in the best case. Afterwards you decide the type of betting, which is supposed to lead to profit. Thereby any ´kind of bet can be placed in the Parlay system. Due to the flexibility fun on the table is guaranteed and you only have one goal in mind: play until you get the fixed amount of money.

Dozen grid system

The dozen grid system was found by engineer Wilhelm Ernst. He claimed to have spent twenty years in casinos without ever losing. All thanks to the dozen grid system. You bet following a grid method, which contains 9 columns. All the player has to do is checking the right places in this grid. Therefore you need to analyze the last rounds of the table and bet on the dozen, which was hit most often. Because of Ernst's grid a player knows exactly which dozen is favored at the moment and how high the stakes should be.

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