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Paysafecard Deposit Online Casinos

PAYSAFECARD EINZAHLUNG ONLINE CASINO Is there a online payment method where you can stay completly anonym? This means no name, no bank informations or something like that. The answer is: yes! With the paysafecard you can make any online payment by only using a code. This code can be bought for example at a gas station. One little disadvanatge of the paysafecard are the high fees at different transactions. However the paysafecard guarantees the most possible security and as also mentioned the most possible "anonymität". At the online casinos the payafecard has became more and more popular.

How does a Paysafecard work?

The Paysafecard is especially for people who are fed up with opening an account at each online provider. The paysafecard can be bought easily at the most gas stations with an amount between 10 and 100 euros. You can buy the card also online but then you have to login again to pay for it. More than 4000 licensed online shops and online casinos offer the possibility to pay with the paysafecard. Is the credit balance empty the pin gets invalid immediately. The easy handling and the anonmität make the paysafecard to a great option for paying online.

Are there any fees?

If you search for a weakness of the paysafecard then it probably are the high fees. But not paysafecard themselve claims the fees but the payee. For example if you want to pay an amount to your Skrill-, Paypal- or Neteller account then you have to pay a fee of up to 7,5% that would be 7,50 euros for a payment of 100 euros. You can compare this process with the credit card, but there the fees are not as high. The case looks a little bit different when it comes to online casinos. There customers can pay without any fees most of the time. However it is not possible to let your profit get payed out with the payafecard like with an E-wallet. There you have the opportunity to use the bank transfer with your own bank account. Most of the time there you have the lowest fees to pay.

In which online casinos can I pay with the Paysafecard?

The Paysafecard has no competitors when it comes to paying with prepaid cards. The only competitior that has exist was Ukash and has been taken over. The gamers at the online casino have also heard from this payment method and therefore it became very popular. Now there is nearly no online casino where you can't pay with the paysafecard. The only problem is the limit of 100 Euros. A lot of casinos offer a great welcomebonus of a few hundred euros but this can't be fully used due to the limit of the paysafecard. There another payment method would be more appropriate. However if you still want to pay with the paysafecard then we would recommend the EuroGrand Casino. Beside the welcomebonus the Casino rewards their customers also with 15% when using a paysafecard. Another recommendation is the Stargame Casino as well as the bet365 casino. Both convince with a great selection of gambling machines and table games. In addition the welcomebonus is created very attractive.

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