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Blackjack rules and strategies

European Blackjack Gold Series Microgaming Blackjack is one of the most popular table games of the world. The game is not complicated and you can start right away after reading the rules. Blackjack also has a high standing in online casinos. It's usually offered in numerous languages and with stakes of different heights. Over the last couple of years the versions in live casinos have grown particularly popular. That's when a dealer is transmitted via live stream in real time. The dealer is then leading the game just like in a physical casino and therefore brings realistic casino atmosphere into your home.

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The rules of black jack

Black jack is a card game where a player plays against the dealer. The dealer is also called "house" in lingo. every player gets two cards in the course of the game. All cards from 2-10 have this said value. All picture cards count are valid 10 points. The aces are special in this game too. They either count one or eleven points, just as needed. The goal of the game is to get as close to 21 points as possible, without surpassing this number. If you should have more than 21 you overbought yourself. If you don't reach 21 points, you need to have a higher number than the dealer.

That's how you reduce the house advantage of online casinos

There are different possibilities of reducing the house advantage. Probably the fastest and easiest method is to use the basic strategy. Then the house advantage is only 3 percent. According to the rules of the casino provider this number can become even smaller. It's always very important to stick to the strategy table and to stay alert. The smallest mistake can immediately make the house advantage bigger again.

Where can you play black jack?

Black jack has always been a fixed part of all casinos. This game hasn't lost popularity until today. Just the opposite is the case! Once you have played the game it's hard to step away from it again. Black jack is also very popular at online casinos. Despite strong competition in the form of cutting edge slot machines and other table games, online casino providers place great value on a broad black jack portfolio. This portfolio is often complemented by new live casino versions. Thanks to the transmission of real dealers you feel like you would be in a real casino. For all fans of black jack we can recommend Betway Casino and the popular 888 Casino.

Are there strategies at black jack?

Black jack naturally is a game that involves a lot of luck. But you can still use some strategies which can enhance your chances of winning. Opposed to most other gambling games you can influence the course of the game as a player. There is no black jack strategy however, that guarantees long term profits. In order to be successful at this game, it's important to develop a feeling and experience for the game.

Those are the best black jack strategies

The most important thing is to know the rules of black jack by heart. Once this is the case you can consider strategies. Probably the most popular and most successful one is the so-called basic strategy, where you use a strategy table. One section of the table summarizes the so-called hard hands. Hard hands are card combinations without an ace. The second section of the table contains the soft hands, which means combinations including aces. The third and last section of the strategy table shows, when you should divide pairs and when you should not do so. The basic strategy is presented in table form and consists of three different sections. This table shows the mathematically best possibility for any situation on the table. In order to master this strategy it needs some practice. Only perfect implementation of the strategy raises the winning chances against the dealer.

Black jack with one or more decks of cards

The number of decks influences the game of black jack immensely and it is often connected with an advantage for the dealer. Some casinos use a certain number of decks in order to gain an advantage at certain games. Conversely, this means that a different number of decks can be used at black jack which can make the advantage for the casino bigger or smaller. A rule of thumb: The lesser decks there are in the game, the smaller the winning chances are for the dealer, which favors the player as a consequence.  

The terms of black jack

Following you find common black jack terms, that are used in every black jack game.

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