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Exklusive Casino Bonus offers at Casinoformat

Casino Bonus

A Casino Bonus in a different way! At Casinoformat you can find exclusive offers like more than the average payment offers, as well as many free spins and also free games, that you will find nowhere else. You can also find rare payment offers without where no payment is needed this means we can offer real casinomoney in our Portfolio. Gamers who want to make the best out of their money or also gamers who want to play without any money is right at casinoformat!

Online Casino I The best Online Casinos

When it comes to finding the best or the right online casino for your needs you will find endless offers. Off course every single casino promotes themselve by being the best one on the market. Now this is out part, our mission is to find the most individual casinos and show you the online casino who have serious and also fair offers. Sometimes just the details separates a good from a bad casino. Gamers who like to play at the online casino already know how much different offers and conditions exist. So it is not always easy and also nearly impossible to keep the overview. This makes a objektiv evaluation even more difficult. Our goal is to present you the best online casinos and their offers as clearly as we can but also as detailed as we can. The comparability that we create is our big advantage. We reduce all available informations to the necessary minimum and therefore we share the most important informations with you. This means you will never miss any great promotion and will get the best out of your stake!

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New online Casinos

The casinomarket is incredible big, so it is completly clear that every year numerous new online casinos joining this market to claim the market for themselves. The online casino that exists the longest time is not always the best. Especially new casinos can keep up with the big leaders in the market because of individual and creative offers. The goal of online casinos is to bring the feeling and the atmosphere of playing in a real casino to the customers home. This only works on the same level, the emotional level. The online casino has to create an adventure and emotions and this doesn't work with a standard offer. Gamers expect innovation which new online casino mostly offer. We keep an eye on the market for you and present you especially new online casinos that have understood the need of the gamers. They know the expectations of their customers and they also know how to convince them.

Casino comparison at Casinoformat

At the first look it might seem that every online casino is the same. But thats not the reality. However you don't have to search for days to find the best offers for you and you never have to get angry again because you found out afterwards that the offer wasn't the right for you because we have created the Casino compare. An evaluation or a reccomendation is easily made but most of the time only the hard facts are mentioned. At casinoformat you will find beside detailed explanations of the neccassary details also a compact and clear overview which helps you to decide for a casino and also to compare the different casinos easily. The differences are sometimes hidden and not visible at the first sight because whats a hight Casino bonus when it is nearly impossible to gamble it free? Thats where we want to support you to understand the offers of the casinos better and also to rate them.

What is important at an online Casino?

Every gamer has different needs and therefore for him are different areas of the casinos important than for another gamer. However there are some parts that are important and have a high priority for every gamer. No gamer would say that it's irrelevant how high the payment quota of a casino is because it is the part of the stake that will return to the gamer again. We also take a look at the different bonus offers, the customer service and off course at the selection of the games. However in the end the opinion of every single gamer counts. What fits for the one gamer may doesn't fit for the other gamer at all. Thats why we want to present you the large number of themes and areas as objektiv as it is possible and help you choosing the best casino for you.

What is about the repute of the online Casinos?

As the name already says you can’t interact with real persons directly, that’s why the support of the casino is even more important. The provider has to be trustworthy and customers have to rely to 100% that everything runs fair. But the question is how can a customer identify if a casino is serious or not? The easiest way is to look at the license of the online casino. There are different kinds of licenses. Mostly they have one from a not EU country. Often they are from Malta and are valid to the EU rights internationally in the whole EU. This topic causes discussions and troubles since a while. The point of discussion is if licenses from Malta can really be used in the whole EU. The current law says so but some countries are not happy with this decision. On the contrary the online casinos insist on this law. This topic will still need a long time until it is solved. However this topic does not necessarily effects the seriousness of the casinos because Malta has a own supervisor authority that observes the casinos and controls if they meet their commitments. This authority is named MGA the Malta Gaming Authority they regularly control the providers with a license from Malta. If an online casino has the label of the MGA on their homepage then you can be sure that it is a serious casino which fulfils the legal requirements. A licensing is connected with a lot of criteria and conditions a provider has to fulfil to even be able to offer an online casino.

Online Casino Licence

As already mentioned there are existing different kinds of licences. The most popular and well known licence is the one from Malta that is allocated by the MGA, the Malta Gaming Authority. Beside Malta, Gibraltar is also a popular location for casino providers. The resident authority from Gibraltar is the Gambling Comissioner. There is also the United Kingdom Gambling Comission that supervises all providers from England. Another offshore Gaming Authority is the Directorate of Offshore Gaming in Antigua and Barbuda. Even when these countries do not belong to the EU, the resident companies offer their online casinos worldwide. Currently there are more and more countries that introduce new regulations in this area. The trend tends that every country allocates their own license. However this is a long process but helps to regulate and observe online casinos individual and country-specific. A special license is the one from Schleswig Holstein in Germany. This federal state has decided to offer an own license. In particular these concessionary provider can offer their online casino only to gamers who also resident in this federal state. This means country-specific legal position meets the EU law and also the law from not EU countries. Off course this causes insecurity among the customers. This topic has still a long and complicated way to go so this way can only be observed in the near future. According to the EU law the maltese company offer their licences legally accordingly to the freedom to provide services.

How can I distinguish a good from a poor Casino?

There are some important criteria that should be noticed. In the end you pay with your own money to play at the casino. As already mentioned the license is essential important to pick the casino into the final selection. Without an independent control a provider wouldn’t be bound to any conditions this would mean no protection for the gamers. If a casino is good or bad shows most of the time when it comes to paying out the winnings. A fair and good online casino pays out the profits without any harassments and long going checking. A screening of the person via identity card is legitimate and also important because otherwise everyone could play with the name of someone else. These verifications can take a few days. Afterwards the payment should work without any troubles. A bad online casino tries to put off the payment requests as long as they can. Customers should keep away from this casinos. Another sign of evidence for a good online casino is the quota of the payment or in other words how much percent of the stake of the gamer will be payed out. Here you have to keep in mind that there will be indicated the average, this can vary at every game. A good payment quota lies at 95%, this is also a criteria from the Gaming Authorities. Beside a competent support, fair payment conditions and good payment quota, gamers should also take a look at the terms and conditions for the bonus offers. In this point it also comes to a lot of differences between the casinos. This is about how often a customer has to turn over his payment and also the bonus before the reached profit can be payed out. If these conditions are easily apparent and clearly communicated than it is a good sign. If the conditions are hidden with a small type somewhere than this probably means that the casino has difficult turnover conditions. So, if you can find relevant information easily than it is very likely that they are fair. The easiest way is to take a look at our Casino reviews. We provide these criteria compact and complete for every online casino that is listed here.

Online Casino Bonus variations - that's how you make the best out of your payment!

Every casino has this offers and every gamer knows them - the bonus offers. What exactly is this Casino Bonus, what o you get from it and what seperates a good from a bad bonus? First of all let's take a look at the different bonusvariations. There are also a lot of differences but you might not see them at the first sight. The most popular bonus is the welcomebonus, which every new customer receives optional. Most of the time the first payment gets raised with a certain percentage. However, a high percentage and a high bonus amount says nothing about if the bonus is good or bad. The amount of the bonus varies between €100 up to a few thousand euros. The difference shows in the details. Before a won profit can be payed out the customer has to fulfill so called turnover conditions. The amount of money that has been payed and also the bonus amount need to be turned over in the casino a certain time. For example you have to turnover the amount 30 or 40 times at the online casino. It is also usual that the maximum payment gets limited so that only 10% or 20% count for the turnover conditions, which makes it harder to fulfill the conditions. The criteria at the games also vary for example at one game only 10% of the payment count to fulfill the conditions and at the other game 20% count. So you have to look closely if a casino bonus is useful or not.

Stakelimits at the online Casino

Every Casino has certain stake guidelines that have to be respected. The Online Casino does not have to take any random amount for a casino game. Thats why every casino has so called table limits for the different games. There is a minimum payment and also a maximum payment that has to be noticed. Certain casino game strategies are based on high stakes and so most of the time they can not be played any more. This means these strategies are useless than.

The best Casino Jackpots at the online Casino

Gamers who play at the online casino are hoping of course for the jackpot. Even when it is very unlikely it still happens that someone hits the jackpot. Here are also existing different kinds of jackpots. On the one hand there is the jackpot that stays relatively the same in every game and is won by some lucky guy one time. This means the amount of the jackpot doesn't change over the time. On the other hand there is also the so called progressive jackpot. The amount of the jackpot rises continuely and thats why this variation of the jackpot is so popular. With every game a part goes straight to the jackpot and that makes him grow fast and also high. The amount of the jackpot can reach easily a million. So it also happens at online casino that a gamer hits the mega jackpot. If you go back in the history of the online casinos you will find winnings from slots or gambling machines that lie between 7 and 18 Million euros. The games with these high jackpots have been Mega Fortune, Arabian Nights, Hall of Gods and The Big One Colossal Cash. Even though these amounts are not that far in the past. The jackpots have been hit between 2011 and 2013. To draw a comparison to the real life casino off course the online jackpots can not keep up but they still can be millions high. In Las Vegas someone hit the amazing jackpot of 39 Million US-Dollars. So they do exist, the big jackpots at the online casinos in this world.

What are freespins exactly and how can I use them?

As the name already says a free game is a game where you don't have to pay. However you also have to seperate between a game which you have won during a game or if it is a real free game without payment. These free games are also called sometimes freespins because they are from the slots and gambling machines. This means you spin for free and still have the chance to win money. Most of the time freespins are offered as welcomegift. Especially for new customers who haven't played in any other casino yet. So it really happens that you get some free games without any payment. A different variation of the free game is , as already mentioned, the one that you get during playing a game a so calles in-play bonus. this means you don't have to make any additional payments and you have some spins for free. On casinoformat you find all current available freespins and freegames that are offered at the moment by the best online casinos.

What is the payment quota and why it is so important?

The paymentquota is one of the most important things at the online casino. This quota describes the relation between the stake of the gamer and the amount that the casino pays out to the customer. Especially in the online sector is a big competition, thats why every provider wants to offer a even better payment quota then his competitor. For the gamers this is a advantage because the quota in an online casino is much higher than in an real casino. According to the requirements of the Gaming Authorities a quota beneath 95% is not allowed. This means 95% of all played payments have to go back as a profit to the customers. The Casino only keeps 5% as a profit for his own. If you see it in a long term the casino always wins, as we already know. It also happens that some provider raise the quota to 97% or 98%. However always keep in mind that this is just the average. It can also appear that the payment quota is much lower at certain slots or also even higher, but at 98% won't be the case probably.

The payment methods of the online Casinos - this is where you have to pay attention!

Off course the payment methods that are offered by a casino also play a big part by choosing one. Because whats the point in having a great offer but then the preferred payment method isn't available? No one would like to sign-up for a new payment method only to play at the casino. But there is no need to worry in theese days nearly all online casinos offer the common payment methods. The offered selection of payment methods starts with the classic banking transfer, to Skrill, Neteller, paysafecard and many more. There probably won't be the problem for a customer that his preferd payment method isn't available. However, there is still one thing you should keep an eye on are the fees that can appear at different payment methods. Most of the time these fees are only a few percent but when you make a high payment it can be also an big amount. We recommend to look closesly at first which payment methods come with a fee. Then you stil have the chance to may switch the payment method.

Earn money at the online Casino

Who wouldn't like to? We mean to get a lot of cash at the online casino. To make money at the online casino a lot of experience is required, also a lot of consequenz and of course also a little bit of luck. Probably everyone has read someday that with only one strategy you are able to win in the end at the Roulette table. But the question is, when it is that simple why doesn't everyone win there? Seems not to be that hard? Sorry but in the end it is that hard. There are a lot of criterias that should be noticed if you want to win money at the online casino. First of all the choice of the right game is important. At Blackjack for example you really have the chance to count the cards but this requires a power of retention, which could be learned to a certain extend. The so often mentioned doublestrategy at the Roulette would only work if there would be no table limits and if you could play with an unlimited budget. Because if a gamers doubles his stake 10 times his pocket will be empty very fast. It is also absolutely normal that the same color comes ten times in a row beause with every spin the chances are the same. However it is possible to win money at the online casino. The point is to stop playing while you are in a plus. You can find a detailes description of the best casino strategies here on casinoformat.

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